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Millions Of Americans Just Like You Are Sick And Tired Of The Way Government Is Run

We are Building a foundation upon true, constitutional, law abiding governance!

Medical Freedom - Say NO To Mandates !

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Navigating Covid-19 But Leaving Americans’ Liberties Intact

“Since Covid lockdowns and mandates are making a comeback as the new delta strain rapidly spreads across the country and government overreach is now a hot topic again, here is the Constitution Party’s Response to dealing with Covid.  This is an issue that all humanity can relate to and we want our visitors to know the…

The Constitution Party Response To Federal & State Mismanagement Of Covid-19, Mask & Vaccination Mandates

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S ANSWER TO COVID 19 The Constitution Party Response: The Constitution Party extends its sympathy and prayers to our fellow Americans who have lost loved ones and friends to the virus over these pandemic months. There are people suffering in ways other than the health destroying effects of the virus. Many are afflicted…

Why COVID Orders Are Not Law And The Many Ways They Could Be Stopped

Why COVID Orders Are Not Law And The Many Ways They Could Be Stopped When news of COVID lockdown orders began to be reported back in early 2020, my immediate concern was not over the virus but the lawfulness of the orders. Yes, the virus matters and should be researched by doctors so they can…

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