Meet Our Leadership Team!

We all need to work together, …….. united towards a common cause …….. for the sake of our beloved country!
Ed Gazmen, Lead Contact and Coordinator for
the Constitution Party of Hawaii

Born in the Phillipines, Ed & his family immigrated to Hawaii where they have spent most of their lives. As with so many legal immigrants from the Phillipines; He believes in the Liberty and Freedom that citizenship in the United States of America represents.

Ed is an ordained minister and CEO of ‘Faith Ministries For Asia’; a non-denominational organization, training evangelists and launching Filipino nationals in the Philippines to the various SE Asian nations.

He is also a veteran and works extensively with vets residing in Hawaii that are affected with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and are often struggling with homelessness. Ed is involved with the homeless population through The Kahului Salvation Army, where he also serves as an advisory member.

Ed has served in the leadership position for The Constitution Party Hawaii for the last five years, and believes that Constitutional Law Abiding Governance is the key solution to so many of the political problems facing America today.

He is married and has four children. They are also grandparents.
Ed and Arlene live on Maui.


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