What Will The Constitution Party Actually DO in Hawaii?


We are looking to form a Strategic Advisory (Steering), & Organizing Committee that will meet weekly to discuss ideas to develop specific plans of action to execute. Included in that; there will be positions open, to become the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer of the state organizing committee, while we create the local CTC’s (Constitution Town Committees) within each County.

Now is the time to capitalize upon this election season & grow the Constitution Party like never before! The number of dissatisfied, disenfranchised, Morally Conservative, Constitutional Voters has not decreased & in many areas; has continued to INCREASE.

Now is the time for this party to SHINE! β˜€οΈπŸ˜„β˜€οΈ


Here is an abbreviated overview of the Constitution Party of Hawaii’s 5 Step Plan to become active and politically influential.

Within each of these Five areas, there are multiple steps required to be successfully implemented, before the next area can be done. (1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c Etc.)

  • (1) Grow the membership with like minded Constitutionists, whom will adhere to the party’s principles and platform.

  • (2) Implement the officer positions throughout the local, county and state organizations being formed, as the membership increase meets the demand for it.

  • (3) Create the Committees that will handle the specific areas of contention within our unconstitutionally run society.

  • (4) Create the plans & actions to implement party-wide that will publicly address society’s ills, utilizing the various committees that have been formed.

  • (5) Locate and run Candidates for all levels of office, but first concentrating upon the local Town, City, District, & County ones. It is there, that the greatest & most immediate impact will occur.


  • (1) For the state of Hawaii, we will work to represent the working people who carry the load and pay the bills. All too often; measures are proposed and enacted that are intended to help the poor of society be equal to the self sustaining citizenry. This creates a ‘crutch’ of dependency upon which the poor never escape from. The poor need a ‘Hand Up, not a Hand Out’.

  • (2) We will fight for measures that will restore our manufacturing base and bring back a multitude of long term, good jobs to our state. All too often; items are imported into this country, when they could easily be created here instead, and truly contribute to a thriving Local, County & Statewide Economy.

  • (3) We will work to make the word “community” mean something again by restoring real neighborhood schools for Hawaii’s neighborhood kids, & have them run by school board committees populated with concerned parents from that neighborhood, and NOT by bureaucrats that have a special agenda, seeking the power & money to implement it.

  • (4) We will enforce the laws for illegal immigration to stop illegal aliens from flooding our schools & hospitals, receiving government funding, housing, and taking the jobs of our citizens. We shall fight against Illegal Aliens being given the status that is equal to citizenship, and deny them the ability to participate in public elections, ALL of which is contrary to constitutional law abiding governance.

  • (5) We will champion the Bill of Rights and fight for freedom of speech everywhere. We encourage the right of citizens to protest, without fear of retribution. Freedom of speech, freedom of association, and the freedom to publicly gather; are paramount to a civilized society. Your voice matters & we intend for it to be heard.

  • (6) We will work to Eradicate Unlawful & Overbearing Taxation. The ‘government’ has Taken Quite Enough From You! All too often; such high levels of taxation results in a misappropriation of the funds towards the politician’s ‘pet projects’ that do not benefit the community as a whole. You work hard for your money, so; Only You should have The Right to say where it goes.

  • (7) Only when healthy deliberations among fellow citizens are allowed and encouraged can we truly be free, so we will fight for YOUR VOICE to be heard! Political parties often have a system of power that is consolidated at the top level. The power structure of the Constitution Party, focuses on the lower levels having the loudest voice to be heard. Its a community based, Bottom – Up approach, not a Top – Down one.

  • (8) We will demand to be put into place; measures that will effectively Prevent The Corruption in government from re-occurring and interfering with Your Freedom & Quality of Life! Our goal; as concerned local citizens, is to hold all of our public office holders accountable for their actions & seek appropriate prosecution for those that violate the oath of office they took, when they were sworn in. Its time their criminal behaviors are stopped.

  • (9) We shall demand & facilitate an END to Unconstitutional Mandates that do nothing to protect society, but instead; are intended to consolidate power at the top levels of government, over the public, and control you as if you were owned by them. Slavery is Illegal, so why are you being treated as one? Your voice matters most, not theirs!

  • (10) We intend to restore the American form of government; BACK to its original intent of ‘We The People’ being the seat of government, & containing all its power, instead of they, ‘The Power Brokers’ & ‘Special Interest Groups’ having it. There is no place for such people in a true, Representative, Constitutional Republic that the United States of America was created to be.

…….. OH MY GOODNESS 😌 …….
The list seems endless, but you know something?
We’re up to the job of doing it!

We are creating the local infrastructure of our political movement for a Very Real Change to occur! Now more than ever before; it is time to formally join us to forever change the way things are being done in Hawaii. We’re calling upon people from ALL ‘walks of life’, to come and join us in this most worthy of causes to support. The cause of: Constitutional Law Abiding Governance! …. Yes, now you REALLY CAN have an effective voice for change to occur. We are a political party, not just a “feel good” group on social media, & as such; we are now forming the local & county level party organizations for everyone in the state to have a voice in how things are done. We want YOU to help this become a reality.
Join us today and we will begin having our direct meetings to form the legislative and candidate plans of attack against those whom wish to Take Your Constitutionally Guaranteed liberty, Rights, & the Freedom they create, away from you! Go to: join us today


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