The Constitution Party Response To Federal & State Mismanagement Of Covid-19, Mask & Vaccination Mandates


The Constitution Party Response:

The Constitution Party extends its sympathy and prayers to our fellow Americans who have lost loved ones and friends to the virus over these pandemic months. There are people suffering in ways other than the health destroying effects of the virus. Many are afflicted with depression and other mental and emotional problems resulting from economic loss and government lockdowns.

The Gederal Government response: …. to the covid-19 virus has been wrong in so many ways.

  1. The government refuses to be straight forward about the origins of the virus thus leaving people in the dark and making treatment more difficult. The Constitution Party suggests that a little bit of honest information would go a long way toward solving the problem.

  2. The government and its various bureaucracies like the CDC and the FDA seem more intent on creating and stoking panic in the American people than in providing proper medical advice based on research not bought and paid for. The Constitution Party recommends a calm voice of reason giving proper advice backed by research and most of all logic. In other words, the advice should not conflict with basic logic and common sense.

  3. The federal government has made response to the virus into a global issue by stating that every human on earth must be vaccinated.  The Constitution Party opposes this global, but unproven solution.

  4. According to the federal government masks and vaccines are the only permitted answer to the Covid virus, the Constitution Party points out that the graphs from state to state and country to country indicate that both are ineffective and make no difference in rates of infection.

  5. The federal response of lockdowns and vaccine mandates are simply commanded tyranny, and both do far more harm than good. The Constitution Party opposes such tyrannical methods of dealing with the problem and recommends letting individuals decide in their own way what they will do.

  6. Cancel culture managed from the federal level suppresses opposing views. The only views one reads in government directed publications like the New York Times and Washington Post are government press releases designed to create panic and terrify people into being vaccinated. The social media giants have been willingly utilized to spread fear and panic as well as prevent alternative views from being heard. The Constitution Party recommends a free press and states that where the press is captive as it is now, tyranny inevitably results.

  7. The federal government has in effect set aside the Constitution. For example, freedom of speech is denied, churches are ordered to close as nonessential, and travel is restricted. The Constitution Party with its very name; opposes all unconstitutional actions by government.

  8. The federal government with the assistance of the Federal Reserve has severely damaged the American economy and with it the ability of people to work and earn a living. Government lockdowns, business closures, paying people not to work, damaging production, and interfering in contractual matters — once again, the Constitution Party opposes all such unconstitutional actions by the government.

  9. In an effort to end state sovereignty, the federal government has attempted to exert federal control over the actions of state governments. Governors who oppose any portion of the federal response are demonized in the government press. The Constitution Party supports the right of governors such as Ron Desantis of Florida, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, and Greg Abbot of Texas to run their states as they and the people of their states desire. A one size fits all approach from Washington is the federal way, but it is not the constitutional way.

Finally, the Constitution Party states that this pandemic has been and is continuing to be damaging to this nation. Actions by the federal government will perhaps prove permanently damaging to freedom and individual rights. An old adage holds that there is no problem that the federal government cannot make worse. That adage has been proven true by the recent actions of the federal government in its response to the virus.

Thus, this is a perfect opportunity for the people of this nation to turn to God for their salvation, not to the false god of government.

Darrell Castle, Esq. is an Attorney and has held many leadership positions in the Constitution Party, including 2016 Candidate for President. He may be reached at Dlc25861 [at] aol [dot] com or (901) 484-8192